Drama Groups



Allen Little Theatre

Contact: Kevin Lawlor-Fitzpatrick (Secretary)

Mob: 087 961 4235

Venue: Allen Parish Community Hall

Time: Fridays (8pm) and Sundays (usually 3pm for rehearsals)

New members are always welcome. Contact Kevin for details, or any member of the Allen Little Theatre company.


Allen Little 'Little' Theatre (children's drama)

Contact: Georgina Fogarty (Chairperson)

Mob: 087 752 4588

Venue: Allen Parish Community Hall

Time: Friday from 7-8pm

New members aged from 6 to 16 years are always welcome. Contact Georgina for details, or any member of the Allen Little Theatre company.


History of Allen Little Theatre

Allen Little Theatre was founded in 1957 by the Rev. Tommy O'Reilly CC (Allen) and Seamus Murphy of Kilmeague. Allen Community Hall at that time was an old wooden hut that came from the Curragh Camp and it became the hall where the group staged their productions.

The opening of Kildare Drama Festival in 1958 provided the opportunity for Allen Little Theatre to compete in a registered festival. Its first production was 'The Devil a Saint Would Be' by Louis Dalton, and, in 1959, the company produced 'Drama at Inish' by Lennox Robins. In 1961, it qualified for the All Ireland finals in Athlone, becoming the first Kildare group to participate in the All Ireland drama finals.

The company quickly established itself and, in 1964, staged the amateur premier of J.B. Keane's 'The Year of the Hiker'. In 1965, it staged 'The Miracle Worker' - the story of Helen Keller, with which the group tied for second place with Queen's University Belfast's production of 'Othello' in the All Ireland Open Final in Athlone. That same year, its one-act verse play 'The Survivors' also reached the Athlone Open Finals.

During the '60s, '70s and '80s, the group qualified for the Amateur Drama All Ireland Finals on numerous occasions, where it achieved several second and third-place awards for its productions. At All-Ireland level, the group won many awards for acting, production, set design and other categories. In 1992, Allen Little Theatre won the All Ireland Confined Final when it staged 'The Caretaker' by Harold Pinter, produced by the Rev. Tom O'Reilly.

In 1998, the group staged 'Big Maggie', which was its final production before a break of nine years. In 2007, the company regrouped to stage 'The Country Boy'. It has gone from strength to strength ever since.